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Kustom Cane strives to provide it's customers with unique, personalized canes which comply with the White Cane Law while being trendy and stylish! Our customization includes mobility and walking canes of all type and isn't limited -- we even aspire to design the perfect harness for your beloved service dog!

What is Cane Shield?

Cane Shield is an exclusive product that extends the life of your cane many times over. Now you do not have to worry about beating up your Kustom cane! No more chipped up sections or peeling tape! Many of our customers have told u;s that after 5 years, his or her cane still looks almost brand new! Cane Shield pays for itself many times over! Cane Shield is a clear protective coating that protects your cane from wear and tear!Be sure to add Cane Shield to your cane today!

Shipping is always free in the 48 continental US!

Give Back

Wondering what to do with that old cane you no longer use in the closet? Is that drawer of used canes collecting dust and taking up space? Donate your old canes to our new “You Cane Give” program. Kustom Cane is collecting donated canes to refurbish and send to individuals who are blind and visually impaired around the world. Let’s face it, we have it good here in our country. With the click of a button, we can order almost anything we need, including a cane. In countries like Mexico, China, India, and the African continent, people do not have access to the proper tools to empower independence and success. Do not let your canes go to waste! “You Cane Give” allows you to help us give your used cane to a person far away who needs it! Kustom Cane will give you a $15 credit towards the purchase of a cane or accessories if you donate a cane to “You Cane Give.” Only one $15 credit per customer; but you can donate as many canes you wish. Ship the canes to:

DId you know?

You Cane Give

Kustom Cane has joined with the 501©(3) You Cane Give .( This means all profit from purchases from Kustom Cane will go to You Cane Give(YCG). Buy a little something for yourself and equip another blind person somewhere around the world! YCG provides canes, solar powered rechargeable players containing the Bible and a mobility training guide, mobility instruction from certified O and M professionals, and services on mental health, thus providing a wholistic suite of services worldwide. In 7 years, we will have reached over 20 countries with over 1,000 canes, 185 solar powerd talking Bibles/mobility training guides, mobility training, and more!

For more information, contact James Boehm at or at 901-483-1515. Make a difference… Donate a cane today!

Need help choosing a cane?

If you're blind or partially sighted and need help choosing the right white cane for you, please check out this article!

Gift certificates!

Gift certificates are here! To make an inquirey, please visit this page!

New Products!

Check out the latest Kustom Cane has to offer you!

^^^New Canes and Charms!

^ Coordinate your cane design or sports team themed cane with our colored handles! Colors include: Standard black, pink, orange, and blue!

^ New charms! Standard speaker charm.Smaller than a small egg! Use for listening to music, reading books, talking to friends, or use as a speakerphone for teleconferences! Price: $20 Colors such as pink, red, blue , and green available…

^ Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker Charm! The smallest bluetooth charm you can get! The size of a game dice! Powerful punch for its size! Use to listen to music, talk to friends, read your emails, or as a speakerphone for meetings. Price:$30 Colors available are yellow,blue, and green!

Contribute to a great cause!

Imagine living life without a mobility cane and not being able to travel independently, if at all! In 2015, I began The You Cane Give Initiative. We restore donated canes and ship them around the world to individuals who cannot afford or acquire a mobility cane. But now I want to expand the initiative. I need your help with this cause that is dear to my heart! The more "likes" increase my chances. Please support me today. Forward to all of your friends! I truly appreciate your support! This initiative will put canes into the hands of people who are blind who cannot acquire or afford a cane in their country! Not only will we hand deliver the canes, but we will teach the individual mobility techniques on how to use the cane properly! Imagine the increased confidence and independence! So please support my initiative today. Click on the link and "like" my video! Thank you for your support!

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"My husband and I are both blind and rely on a cane for easier navigation. When we heard of the very unique and personalized canes being offered by Kustom Canes, we couldn't wait to own one. I love the beach and ordered one with fish, dolphins, a mermaid, and sailboats. My "Beach Babe" cane always gets oohs and ahhs. My husband chose a theme to emphasize his favorite NFL team: "The Tennessee Titans" and when he sports this cane, it always garners great comments. Don't settle for plain, go for the gusto and get your very own Kustom Cane!" - Brenda Dillon

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